152.6 km Transmission Line & 225 KV Substation at Boundiali- Ferkessedougou -Delivered

  • Construction of 152.62 km long 225 KV Single Circuit Transmission line.
  • Construction of new 225 KV substation at existing 90/16.5 KV Boundiali S/s with 1X70 MVA -225/33 KV Power Transformer & 2X20 MVAr Reactors and 7 Bays.
  • Construction of 225 KV bays at existing 225/90/16.5 KV Ferkessedougou S/s with 1X50 MVA-225/33 KV Power Transformer & 1X20 MVAr Reactors and 5 Bays.
  • Establishment of SVC (Static VAR Compensator) system at Ferkessedougou S/s.
  • Establishment of PLC/OPGW based communication system from Abidjan LDC involving works at 9 substations within the country.
  • Exporting Power to neighbouring countries Mali & Burkina Faso.
  • Strengthening bilateral relations among nations.
  • Uplifting the living standard of the local population.
  • A boon for the flourishing industrialization.

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