66 / 33 kV 40 MVA Kongolote Substation and 66 kV Transmission Line at Maputo, Mozambique

Double CKT 66 KV Transmission Line-1

Project Description – Rehabilitation and Reinforcement of Primary Network & Grid Extension and Customer Connections, Enc.93/Pack 2-1/EDAP-IDA/RR-SEs-Matol-Chim/2012, 66 / 33 KV 40 MVA Kongolote Substation and 66 KV Transmission Line.

Project Features :

  1. Construction of 66 KV H-Pole double circuit line ACSR twin dove conductor line in Mozambique.
  2. Construction of new 1×40 MVA 66/33 kV Kongolote sub station, staring from leveling of the site to commissioning, complete with SCADA and 33kV GIS Switchgear.
  3. Telecommunication link between Infulene S/s and Kongolote S/s including optical cable.
  4. Kongolote S/s equipped with advanced safety features like electric fence, FDA system, CCTV camera and intrusion alarm system.
  5. H pole (approx. 21 m height) DC line was first time constructed in Mozambique.
Double CKT 66 KV Line-2

Project Challenges:

  1. Complexity in decommissioning of existing Power Line Carrier System from charged Infulene S/s and recommissioning in new Kongolote S/s.
  2. Construction of 66 KV line was a challenge as the terrain of line was passing through the densely populated area & road.
6633 KV Substation with Incoming & Outgoing Bay 3

Objective –

The objective of the project was to increase access to electricity and modern energy services in peri-urban and rural areas of Mozambique in a sustainable and affordable manner.

Benefit –

The construction of the 66/33 kV Kongolote sub station is meant to resolve load shedding problem as well as provide capacity to carter for future load growth.

Control Room Building of Kongolote Substation -4

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