Rural Electrification Project in Nampula, Zambezia and Inhambane Provinces Country – Mozambique

10 MVA Booster Transformer

The project completed in the year 2013. The project was to develop a 33KV backbone network to provide electric supply in district HQ and important cities in the district. The project was implemented in three provinces of Mozambique namely Inhambane, Zambezia & Nampula. The Scope of Work included the following 1. 10 MVA Booster Transformer Substation to boost the voltage level of existing Line at Malaia 2. 916 KM Overhead Transmission Line to transmit power to different location from nearest substation 3. 34 Nos Transformer Substations to step down the voltage from 33 KV to 400V. 4. 28 KM LV Line to connect the supply to Houses. 5. 1500 Nos service connections.

3333 KV Switch Yard

Due to this project there was a boost in the services of hospital, school and small industries in those areas. The project was completed in three years. There were total 9 routes in this project namely 1. Sitila- Funhalouro 2. Matacalane- Mucodone 3. Lindela- Maxixe 4. Vilanculous- Mabote 5. Ribaue- Lalaua 6. Nampula- Mongincual 7. Manapo- Namialo 8. Gonhane- Chinde 9. Mocuba-Lugela.

Erection of River Crossing Tower

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