In Pursuit of a Better Tomorrow

Angelique International has been working quietly and steadily towards rural empowerment in India since 2007 with visible results. Emboldened by their successes, the organisation sees a real future for the expansion and development of their activities on a larger scale in the coming years.

Angelique Foundation: Building CSR into Angelique's Corporate DNA

Angelique Foundation is the CSR arm of Angelique International Limited and therefore, a natural extension of Angelique International’s social infrastructure projects. Since Angelique International views the social integration of its employees as its greatest strength in meeting its CSR objectives, each employee drives the initiatives of the Foundation by going beyond their own job profiles and participating actively in the installation, construction, travel, and documentation and training aspects of the projects. Therefore, the Foundation’s activities incur no extra human resource or administration expenses.

Angelique Foundation implements programs tailored to the ground realities in India with a focus on education and rural empowerment. Each initiative is designed to meet the needs of the specific target group, be it children in lower-income schools or rural women with no source of livelihood, and is undertaken after detailed research and surveys.

About the Team

Ms. Jaishree Goyal set up the Angelique Foundation with the aim of improving the status of women and children in rural India. In 2007, she took over the management at the Harbilas Goyal Inter College, Ujhani and has gradually transformed the school infrastructure over the years with the aid of the dedicated school staff. This led to many other CSR projects in the fields of literacy, vocational education, and rural hygiene. Ms. Jaishree Goyal and her Team’s knack for picking out relevant projects as well as their hands-on approach, ensures that each CSR initiative has a visible impact.

Projects & Initiatives

For further information contact –

Ms.Jaishree Goyal

Head CSR - Angelique International Limited

Email : jaishree.goyal@angelique-india.com