Water is nature's most vital and precious resource on the earth and gift to the mankind. Preservation of water and its efficient usage has become vital challenge to the world.

Drinking water is basic requirement for human survival. Planning and design of water supply schemes is important to harness usage of limited resources of underground water, rivers, lakes etc.

Angelique offers latest technologies and projects in -

  • Water Storage & Supply
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Water Pumping Stations
  • Public Water Supply Projects

New projects, up-gradation and expansion of existing facilities are our key expertise.

Project Location
Construction of Water Supply Systems, Landfill Sites and Feacal Sludge Treatment Plants in Nyagatare, Nyanza and Kayonza Towns Rwanda
Rehabilitation of Potable Water facilities in 6 Communities in Sierra Leone - Lungi, Kailahun, Whitewater community, Allentown, Bluewater Community and Tender Hill Sierra Leone
Water well rigs, hand pump and related equipment DR Congo
Design, Manufacture, Test, Install and Commissioning of Plant Water Systems Ethiopia
Supply of Potable Water Project in the Cities of Baney, Cupapa & Riaba Equatorial Guinea
Potable Water Project Tanzania