Storage & Supply

Water is a precious source and in whatever form it is available, it has to be harnessed for its efficient storage and usage.


Flowing water is available in the form of rivers, rain water, springs and their use is untapped as flowing water goes as waste. It is important to check the flow of water to build storage in form of huge reservoirs. The water from the reservoirs can be controlled to provide – potable drinking water, irrigation for agriculture, fishing and similar.

Dams can be constructed across flowing rivers to form reservoirs.

Angelique provides expertise in projects related to dams and reservoir engineering using concrete, masonary and earth cum rock fill dams. Large emphasis is given on safety of dams with ageing, using state of the art technology in designing the dams and reservoirs.


Storage Tanks

In small quantities water can be stored in the form of overhead or ground mounted RCC or Steel storage tanks.


Pipe Lines

Storing, managing and piping water to far destinations is unavoidable. Water needs to be transported over long distances in pipe lines made from Ductile Iron, PVC etc. This involves large scale digging, negotiating tough terrains and specialized pipe laying equipment.