Water Pumping Stations

Water pumping is invariably resorted to transfer water from lower head to higher head to facilitate storage, drainage or diversion for drinking, agriculture and irrigation. Water pumping stations often transfer treated water to large overhead tanks to provide drinking water for towns and cities.

Pumping stations are used for reliable and efficient transport and distribution of fresh water for human consumption industrial and agricultural production.

We build complete water pumping stations on total turnkey basis incorporating correct, efficient and long life equipment's

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Pipes & Fittings
  • Electricals

Pumps are the heart of any pumping station.

Packaged Pumping Station

A 'package pumping station' provides an efficient and economic way of installing a drainage system. They are suitable for mechanical building services collection and pumping of liquids like surface water, wastewater or sewage from areas where drainage by gravity is not possible

A package pumping station is an integrated system supplied with internal pipe work fitted, pre-assembled ready for installation into the ground, after which the submersible pumps and control equipment are fitted. Features include controls for fully automatic operation; a high-level alarm indication, in the event of pump failure; and possibly a guide-rail/auto-coupling/pedestal system, to permit easy removal of pumps for maintenance.

Compared to the conventional alternative of a concrete well and separate pump system, a packaged system offers the potential for reducing the cost and time involved with civil work and site labour.