Irrigation & Agriculture

Irrigation & Agriculture is the backbone of all developing economies of the world especially in Africa, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia.

Irrigation assumes more important significance in case of water deficient regions which are largely dependent on rain water, underground water etc. or regions that are exposed to uncontrolled floods.

Agriculture is a vast subject covering issues from land and soil preparation to cultivation, farming, irrigation, harvesting and further processing of food grains, fruits, vegetables, cash crops etc.

Angelique supports the agricultural economies by establishing turnkey projects and supply of irrigation,  agricultural machinery and equipment. We primarily focus on –

  • Irrigation projects
  • Farm equipment
  • Agro processing projects
  • Manufacturing plants – Tractor & Farm Implements
Project Location
Turnkey Project for enhancing productivity of rice, wheat & maize crops through transfer of technology at six clusters Mozambique
Setting up fruits and cashew processing plants Benin
Project for increase of Rice-Maize-Wheat Crop Yield through technology  transfer Mozambique
Food Security Project Swaziland
Supply of equipment and construction works for development of 1000 ha of Rice, Sorghum & Maize Togo
Supply, installation & commissioing of Tractor and Agricultural Equipment Assembly Plant of 2000 tractor per year Benin
Supply of 300 Nos. tractors Tchad
Supply of 510 Tractors TChad
Development of 6 large irrigation schemes in Champasak province Lao PDR
Supply of machinery and equipment for Rice Farm Plantation Project Cameroon
Construction of Thirty (30) Rice Mill Buildings, Rice Stores and Drying Floors Sierra Leone
Supply of Tractors, Implements, Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Sierra Leone
Supply of Tractors and Equipments South Sudan
Agriculture and Sprinkler Irrigation Equipments including Workshop Burkina Faso
Agro Machinery & Tractor Assembly Plant including supply of Tractors Mali
Project for processing of Cashew Nuts Cote d'Ivoire
Tractor & Agriculture Equipment Assembly Plant including supply of Tractors and Implements TChad