Transmission Lines

National grid is very important in the balanced industrial and infrastructure development of the country. It has to link the large power generation units with the main populated cities industrial bases of the country. In addition it has to provide linkages with its neighbouring countries for power interconnection for both supply and receiving.

Angelique sets up HV and EHV transmission lines single / double circuit on total turnkey basis.

Transmission Line Towers

Electricity is usually transmitted long distances over desert, mountains and rivers through overhead power transmission lines whereas underground power transmission is used only in densely populated areas.

Lattice / Tubular Towers can be offered in following designs –

  • Suspension towers
  • Tension towers
  • River crossing towers
  • Angle towers
  • Dead end towers


Choice of conductor depends on voltage and amount of power to be transmitted keeping the losses to the minimum.

  • AAC – All Aluminium Conductors
  • ACSR – Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced
  • AAAC – All Aluminium Alloy Conductors


Various types of insulators in glass and porcelain material that are used in transmission lines are

Disc insulators, Suspension insulators, Line post insulators, Pin type insulators, Shackle insulators, Strain insulators, Spool insulators etc.

Transmission line hardware

Angelique provides transmission line hardware as per IEC, DIN, ASTM, BS and BIS standards viz. Suspension & Tension fittings, Parallel groove clamps, Stay wire fittings, Earth rod and strips, Guy wire fittings, Malleable iron cap, Link fittings etc.

We also undertake Industrial electrification, HT load distribution centres and outdoor switch yards.