Electric power is the most important ingredient for the infrastructure and growth of any economy. Today you cannot imagine world without electricity. There is significant growth expected in power sector around the world.

We undertake setting up projects, supply equipment in following areas of power sector -

  • Power Generation
  • Transmission Lines
  • Power Distribution & Sub Stations
  • Rural Electrification
  • Renewable Energy

Angelique's strength lies in the in-house design, engineering, supply and construction of electricity projects. Our design and engineering department is fully equipped and supported by computerized 3D analysis and design software.

Project Location
Kakobola (3 X 3.5 MW) Hydro Electric Power DR Congo
33 kV Transmission Line Srilanka
Rural Electrification Densification Program, Arusha Tanzania
Construction of 225 kV / 90/16 kV Substation at Djibi Cote D’Ivoire
Kimbe – Bialla 66 KV transmission line Interconnection Project in West New Britain Provence Papua New Guinea
Design, Supply & Installation of new 1.5 MW DG Set at Brades Power Station West Indies
Supply of Electric Material and Construction of Electric Lines in 26 Rural Localities in the department of Alibori, Atacora, Borgou and Donga Benin
Clean Energy and Network Efficiency Improvement- Medium Voltage/Distribution Sub Projects Srilanka
Rehabilitation and Reinforcement of Primary Network & Grid Extension and Customer Connections, 66 / 33 kV 40 MVA Kongolote Substation and 66 kV H-Pole Transmission Line. Mozambique
Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 90/16.5 kV Anoumabo Substation Cote d'Ivoire
Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 225/16.5 kV Djibi S/s. Cote d'Ivoire
Extension Work of 150/30 KV Kalabancoro Substation and Renewal work of 30/15 KV Sotuba Substation. Mali
Hydro Power Project 42 MW (Salma Dam) Afghanistan
Transmission Rehabilitation for 330kV Marvel and Chertsey Substations Zimbabwe
Design, Supply & Installation of Chakaria - Matarbari 132kV Transmission Line Project (20 KM Long) Bangladesh
Plant, Design, supply and installation of Extension of LV Single Phase Line & Service Cable (Last Mile Connectivity Project - Lot 9) Kenya
Rural Electrification of Northern Province of Rwanda Rwanda
Medium Voltage Network Efficiency Improvement Project- Tranche 1 (package 3) Sri Lanka
225kV Transmission Line Boundiali - Ferkessedougou (150 KM) with substation (Lot 2.2) Cote d'Ivoire
Design, manufuacture, test, deliver, install, complete test and commissioning of Bialla - Kimbe Transmission Line Interconnection Project. Papua New Guinea
Design, Supply, installation and commissioning of MV & LV electrical networks in the Coastal, South -West, West and North-West regions (LOT-2) Cameroon
Design, Supply, installation and commissioning of MV & LV electrical networks in Central & Southern regions (LOT-1) Cameroon
Supply and execution of 33 kV transmission line on turnkey basis Sri Lanka
Rehab and reinforcement of distribution networks & customer connections - Lot 9 Mozambique
Rehab and reinforcement of distribution networks & customer connections - Lot 3 Mozambique
Electrification of 67 rural localities by connection to standard network Benin
Construction of 90/16.5 kV substation of Anoumabo, Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire
Supply and installation of 33/11 kV substations, MV & LV lines, transformers and connections in Arusha region Tanzania
230 kV Double circuit transmission line from Stung Treng to Kratie and 230/22 kV substation at Kratie on turnkey basis Cambodia
Construction of 115kV Thasala - Laksao Transmission Line, extension of Thabok and Nabong substations to 230 kV and Thasala substation to 115 kV Lao PDR
Design, Supply & Installation, Refurbishment of 132/88/33 kV Fig Tree substation and Construction of 132/88/33 kV Chibombo substation Zambia
Distribution System Reinforcement consisting of supply & installation of 11/0.4 kV & 33/0.4 kV distribution transformers, 11 & 33 kV underground cables and rehabilitation of 11 & 33 kV existing distribution lines in 5 regions Zimbabwe
Rural Electrification Project for electrification of 39 communities in Kara, Savannah, Central, Maritime & Plateaux regions Togo
Reinforcement of electrical infrastructure & rural electrification (PRIELER) in 73 localities Burkina Faso
Development of 20 MW (2 x 10 MW) Hydropower plant of Kabu 16 in Cibitike province and Construction of substation & electric transmission lines Burundi
Study, supply, service and works of installation of 225kV transmission line from Boundiali to Ferkesedougou with creation of sub stations Cote d'Ivoire
Procurement of Chapali 132kv Sub Station, Lainchaur-Chabel 66kV Underground Cable Link and associated works Nepal
Setting up of Solar Photo Voltaic Modules Manufacturing Plant of 5 MW per year capacity Mozambique
Construction of 30 kV Transmission lines and Sub Stations, Plant Electrical equipment, Switchyard for Mpanda Hydropower Project Burundi
Design, Engineering & Construction of 64 MW (4 x 16 MW) Grant Katende Hydro Electric Power Project in Kasai Occidental on turnkey basis DR Congo
Rehabilitation and Expansion of Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Distribution System in Uige, Luena and Kuito cities Angola
Supply and Installation of 8,880 Nos. Solar Street Light System in 4 regions Sierra Leone
Construction of Sub Station and Extensions at Segou for Mali - Ivory Coast Interconnection Project Mali
Construction of 10.5 MW (3 x 3.5 MW) Kakobola hydro electric power project on turnkey basis DR Congo
Design, Supply and Installation of HV O/H Lines, HV/MV and MV/MV Sub Stations Yemen
Supply and Installation of HV Distribution System in Kumasi, Ghana Ghana
Design, Manufacture, Testing, Delivery, Installation & Commissioning of Balance of Plant Electricals Ethiopia
Supply and Installation of Dasht-e-Barchi Distribution Project Afghanistan
Stung Tasal Water Resources Dam for Hydropower Project Cambodia
Substation at Koutiala and Segou Mali
Mali - Cote d'Ivoire Interconnection Project (Phase - III) Mali
Power supply to local area (Lot - 1A, Lot - 1B) Marb Governate 132/33 kV Sub Station and Transmission Yemen
Power supply to local area (Lot - 1) Marb Governate 132/33 kV Sub Station and Transmission Yemen
Rehabilitation and Expansion of Electricity Distribution Network Togo
Supply and Installation of High Voltage Distribution Systems in Accra Ghana
Rural Electrification Project in Mampula, Zambezia, Inhambane & Gaza Provinces Mozambique
Rehabilitation and Extension of Pule-E-Khumri Distribution Network Afghanistan
Supply of Equipment/Goods/Services for PAK SONG S/S Jiangxai 115 kV Double Circuit Transmission Line Project Lao PDR
Supply of Equipment/ Goods/ Services for NAM SONG 6 MW (3 x 2 MW) Hydro Power Project Lao PDR
Rural Electrification Project - MV & LV Lines, Transformers & Solar System Senegal
Supply and Execution of rehabilitation & extension of power distribution network at Labe Guinea
Design, Manufacture, Test, Install and Commissioning of Power Evacuation System Package Facility Ethiopia
Design, Manufacture, Test, Install and Commissioning of Balance of Plant Electricals Package Facility Ethiopia
28 MW (2 x 14 MW) Nyabarongo Hydroelectric Power Project - Engineering, Procurement & Construction Contract Rwanda
Construction of High Voltage Transmission Line 220 kV between Ferkessedougou and Sikasso and Sub Station at Ferkessedougou, Sikasso, Koutiala and Segou - Interconnection Project Mali
Supply and Installation of Kabul Distribution Rehabilitation Project Phase-I Afghanistan
Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Maintenance Contract of HV Distribution system India
Construction and Commissioning of 20/25 MVA Chilanga Cement Sub Station and 8.5 Km of 33 kV Transmission Line on Turnkey basis Zambia
Supply of Equipment for Transmission Line and Sub Station for 132kV Switch Bay Extension at Mann 132kV Sub Station Myanmar
Rural & Household Electrification in 8 blocks Jhunjhunu district India
Rural Electrification in Jhunjhunu district India
Rural & Household Electrification in 8 blocks Sikar district India
RE in sikar district India
Ajmer district India
Rural Electrification in Ajmer district India
Rural & Household Electrification in 5 blocks Dungarpur district India
Rural Electrification in Dungarpur district India
Supply of 33 & 11 kV Transmission Line Materials & Equipment for Self Help Electrification Programme (SHEP-4) Ghana
Rural Electrification Project Mali