Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas are very important fossil fuels finding applications in almost every industrial, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive sector. The enormous reserves under the earth strata are continuously being explored and drilled. Countries, which are oil and gas producing, have booming economy.

Pipeline & Gas

Angelique with its associates offers detailed engineering, procurement, comprehensive construction and erection supervision services in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation works for Refinery, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Chemical, Oil and Gas projects related to following:

  • Gas gathering stations
  • Cross country pipeline projects
  • Cathode protection for pipe lines

Gas Gathering Stations

These units include collection of Natural Gas from the well heads and transportation to the gas processing plant. The collected natural gas is first cleaned to separate out the non-methane hydrocarbons, impurities and fluids bore transporting through the pipeline. In the gas processing plant various natural gas liquids viz. LPG, Condensate, Sulphur, Natural gasoline etc are recovered prior to transporting through the gas pipeline.

Cross Country Pipeline Projects

The cross country pipeline projects include surveying, detail design and engineering, trenching, laying of pipes, welding of pipes, radiography, coating/wrapping, pigging, hydro-testing and commissioning etc.

Cathode Protection For Pipe Lines

In order to reduce corrosion of pipelines and other underground and under water structure, cathodic protection is used. The system of cathodic protection reduces the electro-chemical process of corrosion by minimizing the difference in potential between anode and cathode. Applying current to the structure to be protected from an outside source does this cathodic protection.

Petroleum Refinery and Petrochemical Plant

Mid size, renovation/rehabilitation and capacity upgradation, supply of steam boilers and generators, heat exchangers, cooling towers, fired heaters, process plant piping, valve trays, storage tanks, electrical, instrumentation and automation.

We supply complete range of equipment for oil and gas sector including the following :

  • Gas conditioning, regulating & metering skids
  • Filtration & separation equipment
  • Drilling equipment for on shore and off shore rigs
  • API 5L grade ERW line pipes up to 20" dia
  • API 5CT grade ERW and Seamless casing pipes
  • Pipe line products like Pig handling systems, Scrapper Traps, Flow and Sphere Tee, Insulating joints
  • Ball valves, Gate valves and Globe valves as per API 6D
  • Drill bits as per API standards
  • Well head and X-Mas trees up to 10,000 psi
  • Pipe fittings, flanges, sockets, Tees etc as per API, BS, ASTM standards
  • Mud chemicals like Chemical washes, Mud posh, XT Spacers