Industrial Parks & Workshops

For a balanced growth of manufacturing sector and encouragement to the small and medium enterprises; it becomes necessary for the city administration to provide Industrial Parks. At the same time for enabling proper operation on mechanical equipment it is important to have Repair and Maintenance Workshops.

We set up industrial parks as well as repair and maintenance workshops on turnkey basis.

Industrial Parks

We set up industrial parks with all infrastructure facilities to facilitate setting up of industries by entrepreneurs.

  • Steel prefabricated buildings
  • Drinking and Industrial water supply
  • Roads
  • Drainage
  • Electricity supply and cabling
  • Street lighting
  • Telecommunication
  • Sewerage
  • Effluent treatment

Industrial parks are generally located close to sea ports, rail road sidings, away from urban areas with a view to attract new business by providing integrated infrastructure and reduce environmental impact of industrial uses.

Repair and Maintenance Workshops

In order to keep the machinery and equipment in the proper working condition it is imperative that facilities be established for its proper repair and maintenance. Be it railway wagons, earthmoving machinery, water pumps, engines, tractors, buses, machine tools, consumer durables – all need regular maintenance.

Such workshops include:

  • Receiving and dismantling section
  • Degreasing section
  • Machine shop
  • Press metal shop
  • Welding & fitting shop
  • Heat treatment shop
  • Final assembly and Inspection
  • Painting

Angelique sets state of the art repair and maintenance workshops dedicated to specific industrial sectors – Water, Railways, Pumps, Automotive, Industrial, Electrical etc.