Providing best medical care is more of a responsibility than an option for any developing nation. Angelique offers turnkey services in creating health infrastructure in developing countries.

Multi-Speciality Hospitals

Angelique sets up "Multi-Speciality hospitals" (tertiary healthcare), through strategic alliances with our proven partners. We undertake -

  • Feasibility studies, project conceptualization and planning
  • Architectural design of building and facilities
  • Planning for medical equipment based on areas of specialization
  • Construction of the hospital and auxiliary buildings
  • State-of-the-art medical equipment
  • Specialized doctors in various disciplines
  • Installation, commissioning of medical equipment and hospital auxiliary systems
  • Transfer of medical expertise – through training
  • International Certifications

Angelique sources sophisticated medical equipment through internationally established brands for equipping the hospitals.


Healthcare Institutions

Angelique undertakes construction and equipping of healthcare institutions for providing primary and secondary healthcare, in rural areas:

  • Primary health centres
  • Secondary health centres
  • Small hospitals
  • Mother & Child Clinics

For primary health centres in rural and remote areas, we offer unique features such as:

  • Stand-alone solar PV systems for powering critical medical equipment and vaccine refrigerators
  • Prefabricated structure of PUF panels for fast and cheaper construction

This helps in creating and sustaining primary health facilities where there is no electrical grid and lowers the building costs.