Electric power on large scale can be obtained from

Hydro Power

Fossil Fuel


Angelique has expertise and experience in setting up projects for electric power generation up to 100 MW and beyond.

Hydro Power

The increasing need for clean energy through the greater use of hydropower is today a socio political necessity. Besides conserving our fossil fuel reserves it is non-polluting, abundant and self-renewing supply. Hydropower is not only environment friendly but are also cost effective and have the highest operating efficiency of all known generation systems.

Angelique offers to set up hydropower projects on total turnkey basis for all heads and outputs covering:

  • Dams and reservoir
  • Penstocks and gates
  • Turbines – Kaplan, Francis and Pelton Wheel
  • Electro mechanical equipment
  • Hydro mechanical equipment
  • Power evacuation and connection to grid

We focus on :

  • Setting up of new hydro power plants
  • Rehabilitation, modernization of existing hydro power plants

We also set up small hydro projects under 5 MW with matching generators for small power needs.

Angelique also ensures management of hydroelectric power projects to enhance optimum compatibility with environment and safety requirements

Fossil Fuel

For countries without hydropower resources and where the population is small and sparsely distributed, where it is not economical to connect them to the grid, in such cases country often resort to electricity generation using

  • Diesel generating sets
  • Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) generating sets

Diesel Generating Sets

Angelique offers to set up electricity generation plants (using Diesel fuel) in multiple units up to 50 MW and beyond.

The Regular / Silent Generating sets are complete with Accoustic enclosures, Control Panels for all applications like AMF, Synchronizing, Load sharing etc.

HFO Generating Sets

For continuous operation in high MW range, the fuel cost becomes prohibitive and Heavy Fuel Oil is the solution. Though the capital and maintenance cost is higher than Diesel Generating sets but lower running costs easily offsets that over longer periods

HFO based power plants are reliable and ideally suited for back up facility and continuous running high MW captive requirements of the industry and townships.